About us

Mowatech is an R&D company specializing in urban risk management.
It was founded in Toronto in 2016 and has entered the Canadian market with exclusive cutting-edge solutions for urban risk management.
Cities are exposed to several types of risk. Risk is correlated with the unknown - things that can’t be analyzed, predicted or managed can harm people and damage property...


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Projects Partners

In this start-up phase, Mowatech is powered by Wide Pilot, a European R&D company specializing in transportation and software development for marine environmental monitoring. Mowatech is therefore leaning on Wide Pilot’s customers and partners organization.

Main office
Mowat Technologies Inc. 622 College Street, Suite 201,
Toronto ON M6G 1B6, Canada
E-mail: info@mowatech.ca
Phone: +1-416-789-7169
Support Office
Wide Pilot Srl Via Berengario 1/D
00162 Rome - Italy
E-mail: info@widepilot.it
Phone: +39 06 93574309