About Us

Mowatech is an R&D Company specializing in urban risk management.

It was founded in Toronto in 2016 and has entered the Canadian market with exclusive cutting-edge solutions for urban risk management.
Cities are exposed to several types of risk. Risk is correlated with the unknown — things that can’t be analyzed, predicted or managed can harm people and damage property.First, environmental risk from air and water pollution can have devastating consequences on citizens’ health. Then, there’s risk arising from poor infrastructure maintenance (from housing and public buildings to shared utility services). Finally, urban centres increasingly face new risks arising from unexpected events and even criminal acts, which undermine the safety and security of citizens. Traffic and evacuation management can help mitigate the impacts.

Mowatech has developed a new way to analyze Big Data for risk monitoring, forecasting and management, in real-time when needed, using time series analytics and Topological Data Analysis-based network data analytics. This new approach is what makes our solutions unique and powerful.

Our multi-disciplined team is made up of mathematicians, physicists and internationally renowned researchers. Using statistical and analytical know-how, the team tailors each solution to our clients’ specific urban and social context. (TDA-based Decision Support Systems for urban risk management, and NEMBOS for water and air risk management.)

Mowatech’s motto is Value from The Unexplored. We were inspired by Farley Mowat, a Canadian author who was determined to change our perception of nature by linking seemingly unrelated events, such as the declining wolf population and the destruction of the environment. Likewise, we are determined to radically reshape the risk management landscape by tapping into the vast potential of Big Data analytics and ‘connecting the dots’. Our mission is to give city dwellers a better, more secure quality of life by providing institutions with an effective monitoring, managing and risk prevention system, both for the environment and for cities as a whole.